Pelle Tech

Pelle Polare Thermal Jacketing Systems are the key to increasing yield size and quality. Implementing this system of cooling the water outside your wash vessel and keeping it cold while inside with a Pelle Polare Jacket is the key to greater success. 

PellePolareTech = ColderForLonger = Higher Quality and Quantity Yields

If you would like a more detailed tutorial, or advanced in person classes, please stay tuned to find out about opportunities in your area or online with some of the best producers in the world teaching the secrets of this hands on craft.

Wrap all of your vessels aside from your collection vessel with a Pelle for best results. 

  1. Fill your res tank with clean RO water or your preferred. Get your room down as cold as possible to get your res tank as cold as possible prior to transferring any water into your cooling vessel.
  2. Fill your cooling vessel with ice, then fill with water, let water cool to as cold as possible, once cold 
  3. transfer only the water to your wash vessel (refill cooling vessel with ice, then add water to the top and continue to repeat as you go), which should for certain be wrapped with a Pelle to keep that ice cold water as cold as you possibly can for the length of your wash cycle. 
  4. Drain your wash vessel into your nets suspended in your collection vessel with a sump pump at the bottom of the vessel to pump out the draining water to waste, or if you prefer, to recycle. 
  5. Collect your material from your collection nets as you normally would.
  6. Refill your wash vessel from the cooling vessel and repeat until your desired goal in washing is reached 
  7. Never put ice in your wash vessel it is hard sharp and jagged and that pulverizes your precious material you are trying to delicately wash. 

The trick is the Pelle it keeps the ice water ice cold for the 5-15 minute long wash periods even in a 75 degree room you will only see a roughly 3-9 degree increase in water temp over that period. No ice means no hard shard jagged material pulverizing your material creating contamination. Less contamination means higher quality yields, colder for longer means higher quantity yield because of increased efficiency in the solvent less method of trichome removal and collection. You will also use less ice overall which also saves you time and money depending on how you source your ice!

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